For the first time in the Netherlands we charged an electric car with an app on blockchain technology that also directly paid for the transaction. Blockchain makes it possible to load the electric car without a contract. As part of a European tour Oslo2Rome, Jan-Peter Doomernik of grid operator Enexis, Arjan Wargers of ElaadNL and I went on a trip to test the Share&Charge app. We first drove from Amsterdam to ElaadNL in Arnhem where I interviewed Onoph Caron, director of ElaadNL about their involvement. Then we drove to Motionwerk in Essen (Germany) to charge my car. We also brought a huge trailer with an electric motor cycle inside which we also charged!

The app was super easy to use. You just have to select the charging pole on a map, choose how long you want to charge and then press charge… And it just starts! In this tour seven European partners explore how this technology can be used in their country. See for yourself how it works!