At the rEVolution 2018, a very exciting and inspiring eMobility event, hundreds of people came together to hear about the latest EV trends and discuss how the transition to fully electric will take place.

I interviewed speaker and I interviewed speaker and EV guru Tony Seba who made very strong statements: All new cars will be electric in 2025 and autonomous 5 years later and that 95% of all driven km will done with these vehicles. Really? I am trying to get substance behind the statements. Who will deliver these cars? Will the industry change quick enough? I try to go deeper with him.

On the other side of the spectrum we have Canadian Colin Mckerracher of Bloomberg Energy who is a lot more grounded and thinks 30% of cars will be electric in 2030. Battery cost has come down 80% since 2010 and will continue to go down, but at a slower rate says. I interviewed Collin about batteries and car manufacturing and he gives a lot of practical info!

In Norway electric cars are selling like hotcakes. Why is that? This year almost 50% of the new cars will be electric, but you’ll have to wait a year for an electric car. What are the main problems? I interviewed Christine Bu of EV Association Norway.