Payment and identity are totally connected according to Nick Telford-Reed of Worldpay. So will payment systems be used to provide identity systems? The answer is Yes! Will identification business even be bigger than the payment industry? 60% of the audience at the yearly conference of the Dutch Payments Associations (Betaalvereniging) thought so. There is already a global payments standard that has been introduced and will be live in 2019.Nick looks forward to the future including providing identity and payments in VR and on the Internet of Things where 25 billion devices will potentially pay for us.

I also interviewed professor Eric Verheul about DigiD 2.0 and how identity will be provided anonymously. What will change the following 4 years? How is it different from iDIN? (in Dutch)

Also payments expert Dave Birch released a new book on Identity and Payments: Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin