At the Interclean 2018 in Amsterdam, world’s largest cleaning show with 28.000 attendees and 800 exhibiting companies from 135 countries, I was looking for the best digital innovation trends: Smart Systems, AI, Autonomous Robots, VR, Apps, Blockchain and more! It was nice to be invited to look with outsiders eyes to the cleaning industry’s innovation.

I made a virtual tour with 17 videos: Smart (and not so smart), Autonomous Robots, Zero Waste, Blockchain and even VR. ..And what does a DeLorean have to do with cleaning?! Take a look at how companies try to innovate the cleaning industry.

In my presentation I share some more of my thoughts and the trends I saw at Interclean 2018, the entire cleaning show in 45 minutes:

Some highlights:

Let me first give you a quick overview of all the Innovation Award 2018 nominees and winners. The nominees are: Adlatus, DITYSPRAY, Intellilinen & MOONBEAM by Diversey, Orbita Dashboard, KIRA autonomous robot by Kärcher, POWR-MOP LITE by SYR, TORK Papercircle, Hydropower RO by UNGER, VERMOP System One, Green-Effective Performance calculator by Werner & Mertz, Marvin by WETROK.

I was amazed to talk to 2 women which study in Saudi Arabia and started a company to instantly clean clothes for travelers with a simple module. I talked with them about the changes which are happening in that country and why did ended up there. They have an instant cleaning solution for travelers that need to clean their clothes.

A few companies are innovating in the autonomous cleaning realm. Like this amazing robot by Hefter! Let’s take a ride.

What does a Delorean have to do with cleaning? It’s very hard to use! Unlike the super easy autonomous Marvin cleaning robot by Wetrok. Or is it? Nominated for the 2018 innovation awards!

How’s it going with recycling in 2018? A lot of innovation at Interclean. Making toilet paper out of towels with TORK, Spray cans with DITY and paper towels out of trash with Lucart! TORK is the category winner and I interviewed the founders about their amazing zero waste idea.

The Chinese Autonomous Robot TRIOOO is way cheaper than it’s competitors. I interviewed their CEO about their plans and his dreams for this company.

Never ever have I seen innovation with Blockchain at Interclean. Everyone in the world is starting to use it, but not yet in the cleaning world. Never until NOW! Cleazz is starting an ICO for their cleaning app with Cleancoins.