Elon Musk gave a great interview to TEDs head curator Chris Anderson about his vision for the future and the five amazing projects he’s currently working on! Firstly Boring Company, a new company boring huge underground tunnels with high tech infrastructure where cars can drive extremely fast. Also Tesla and the latest autopilot developments for self driving cars. The largest solar energy service provider in the US is SolarCity and Elon estimates every house on earth will have solar roofs in 40 to 50 years! He’s also making a fully electric extremely powerful truck that can carry lots of weight while driving as fast as a sports car. It will be revealed in September this year. Last but definitely not least he talks about his plans for the Space X mission to Mars, taking hundreds of people on it and the future of multi-planetary traveling!

Hear all about my recommendations and favorite parts of the TED interview!

Watch the 10 minute highlights summary of the interview with Elon Musk below!

The full interview is definitely worth a watch as well!