New ISO 15118 Standard

ElaadNL organized an international Round Table event in the Johan Cruyff ArenA in Amsterdam  to discuss charging standard ISO 15118. What the heck is that all about?! It has everything to do with Plug & Charge: paying for charging by plugging in, without having to use a card. Sounds like something I’d love. How is this being organized? I interview people from the European Commission, ChargePoint USA, Korea and other experts about how Plug & Charge can be implemented. (Also 1 Dutch interview about how none of the current EV standards are safe…)

Plug & Charge in 6 interviews

Why is Plug & Charge politically and economically important? The car and the plug will communicate with each other and charging starts automatically. Very simple and convenient. But who is going to determine which charge and price is used? The OEM (car manufacturers) can become dominating. Will there be a choice for the consumer? Will pricing be transparent? Lonneke is optimistic but its an important issue. Interview with Lonneke Driessen (ElaadNL).

The European community is essential for promoting standards. They started with GSM but are also involved in creating an infrastructure for alternative fuel. That’s EV and H2. Alexander tells us how the infrastructure is developing. What countries are on top? Which standards are developing? Interview with Alexander Verduyn.

Craig Rodine of ChargePoint USA discusses the USA EV and Charge market: “100.00 Plugs in the USA”

What about Asia? Korea has a very active EV car industry and delivers all around the world: to China, Europa and the USA. To implement the Plug & Charge ISO 15118 standards they need to work with all the world standards. How difficult is that? How many standards will there be? Yoo (Peta Security) discusses also the difficult relationship with Japan at the moment and the EV market in Korea itself. Tesla and Hyundai are popular there. is owned by the big German car manufacturers and energy company. 80 people provide e-roaming which makes it easy to provide Interoperability services. How does that develop?

[DUTCH VIDEO] Alle 9 EV charging standaarden zijn ONVEILIG!

Pol Abel doet onderzoek naar de 9 standaarden die er zijn om elektrisch auto’s, laadpassen en palen, en mobility providers te laten werken zodat overal waar je probeert te laden het werkt. Het blijkt dat deze standaarden prima werken maar zo lek als een zeef zijn, volgens onderzoeker Pol Abel die een PHD onderzoek doet hiernaar. Dit moeten we de komende jaren wel fixen voordat er miljoenen rondrijden in Europa.